UC – Requesting a replacement UCC certificate

Requesting a replacement UCC certificate

If for whatever reason you find yourself in need of a replacement UCC certificate (requested for the incorrect domain names, server failure, Unable to export / backup the certificate, extra domains required … etc and you wish to request that we replace this for you please follow the below steps.

Insure you have read and understand the UCC articles entitled:

Generating your Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) CSR
What should I use as my Primary common name?
What domains should I include in my UCC certificate?

Once this is done please submit an e-mail to support@pkipartner.com and include the following:

  1. The complete list of domains to be included (including any extra domains you wish added)
  2. Which domain you wish us to use as your primary domain name
  3. A brief explanation of what you wish the support department to do with your request and the reason that you are making the request


Note: If you are requesting additional domain names to be added to the UCC certificate we will request additional payment.

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