SSL – How to find the thumbprint/serial number of a certificate?

How to find the thumbprint/serial number of a certificate?

Please be aware this article assumes you have access to: the CRT file, the certificate via IIS,
Internet Explorer (IE), Microsoft Management Console (MMC), Firefox or OpenSSL.

Option #1: Windows (MMC, IE, IIS)

  • Open Certificate to the General Tab

    IIS 5.x & 6.x:
    Right-Click website -> Left-Click Properties -> Directory Security -> View Certificate

    MMC (Microsoft Management Console):
    File -> Add/Remove Snap-in -> Certificates -> Add -> Close -> Expand (Click ‘+’ Sign)
    Certificates – Local Computer -> Personal -> Certificates -> Double-Click on a
    certificate to open or right-click on the certificate and left click on Open.

    Internet Explorer:
    Tools -> Internet Options -> Content -> Certificates

  • Click on Details
  • Be sure that the Show drop down displays <All>
  • Click the word Serial number or Thumbprint. Depending on what you’re looking for.
  • Your selection will display in the big text area below the box where you made your choice.
    Note: Right-Clicking to access the Cut, Copy, Paste menu does not work in this area.
    Only CTRL+C to copy does.

Option #2: Firefox

Firefox 3 (Digital ID/Code Signing):

  • Windows: Tools -> Options
    Linux: Edit -> Options
    Mac: Firefox -> Options
  • Navigate to Advanced -> Encryption and then click on View Certificates.

    Enter Mozilla Certificate Manager

  • Click the tab Your Certificates or the tab of your choice.
  • Then click the line containing your selection, which the certificate should be highlighted thereafter.
  • Click View to open the Mozilla Certificate Viewer.

    Enter Mozilla Certificate Viewer

Firefox 3 (SSL Certificate):

  • Click the favorite icon (to the left of the address bar). It should have a blue or green background.
  • Now click View Certificate button.

    Enter Mozilla Certificate Viewer

    If the favorite icon/address bar is not present:

  • Windows: Tools -> Page Info -> Security -> View Certificate

    Enter Mozilla Certificate Viewer

Mozilla Certificate Viewer

  • Inside here you will find the data that you need.
    Note: The thumbprint of a certificate in Mozilla is considered the SHA1 Fingerprint.

Option #3: OpenSSL

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