Install – Citrix Access Gateway 4.5

Certificate Installation: Citrix Access Gateway 4.5

Citrix Access Gateway SSL installation must be done through the Administration Tool.

  • Select theAccess Gateway Cluster tab and then open the window for the appliance.
  • Under theAdministration tab select Browse next to Upload a .crt signed certificate

CAG4_5 1

  • Click Browse and navigate to the yourDomain.crt file.


Back on the Administration tab, click the Manage button to the right of Manage trusted root certificates

  1. Then browse to your file.
    Note: If you just received individual .crt files, please follow our instructions on how to make your own .ca-bundle file.
  2. Once these files are supplied on this same window click the Restart button next to Restart the appliance.

Congratulations you have installed your SSL certificate onto Citrix Access Gateway!

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