CSR – General info

CSR General info

The first you must do when requesting an SSL Certificate is to create a CSR, Code Signing Request, on your webserver. How to do that is all depending on your webserver software.

Comon Name(CN) must be the name on the webpage where you are going to use the certificate. For instant if you have requested a certificate for  http://www.company.se it will not be valid for mail.company.se.

OBS! CN in the CSR:n must be a FQDN or for a WildCard Certificate the CN must include a *. The * replaces the most left. Please see further information on StandardSSL WildCard or Basic WildCard.

Required fields are:

CN  Common Name
O    Organization
OU   not required for the certificate but in many webserver soft wares it is.
L     Locality –
ST    State/Province – In Sweden use Länet where the company is located
C      Country

Important, The Organization name must be spelled as in the Business Register. Abbreviations is not allowed.

No abbreviations for the city name. Stockholm must be Stockholm and nothing else.

All our SSL Certificates are compatible with most of the webserver soft wares of today. If you can’t find your webserver software in our instructions, please contact us with the information about your software, name and version and we will try to help you out.

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