Codesign – Using XPISigner to sign XPI files

Using XPISigner to sign XPI files


* Your Certificate in a .PFX or .p12 (PKC#12 File). — How do I backup my certificate with Firefox?
* XPISigner
* Java 1.5x (Java5) series or better.

– > xpisigner.cmd PFX_PASSWORD <BASE_DIR | listing.txt > NEW_XPI (Windows)
– > PFX_PASSWORD <BASE_DIR | listing.txt > NEW_XPI (*nix)

PFX_PASSWORD = Your PFX’s Password.
BASE_DIR = Directory of where the files for your XPI file are located.
listing.txt = Include only the files found in listfile. The files are assumed to be located relative to the current directory.
NEW_XPI = The file name you wish to give your XPI.

For more information, please read the README file contained within the XPISigner ZIP file.

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