Codesign – How do I backup my Digital ID certificate? (Windows, IE)

How do I backup my Digital ID certificate? (Windows, IE)

The following process describes how to backup certificates

  1. Start Internet Explorer, select Tools, Internet Options, Content, Certificates

    CodeSign-Backup Digital-ID_1

  2.  On the Personal Certificates tab, select the certificate to export and Select Export

    CodeSign-Backup Digital-ID_2

  3. When requested, select ‘Yes, export the private key’
    NOTE: the default is set to No, so you will need to change!!
    CodeSign-Backup Digital-ID_3

    4. And ‘Include all certificates in the certification path, if possible’

    CodeSign-Backup Digital-ID_4

    5. Type a password which you can remember later

    CodeSign-Backup Digital-ID_5

    6. Then select the ‘save’ location and give the file a name

    CodeSign-Backup Digital-ID_6

    7. Leave the ‘Type’ as ‘Personal Information Exchange (*.pfx)’

    Once finished the certificate and associated private key is saved as a pfx file

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