Codesign – How do I backup my certificate with Firefox?

How do I backup my certificate with Firefox?

Note: This article applies to Firefox 2 and greater. This article also applies for e-mail certificates (SMIME/DigitalID) as well as code-signing certificates.

1. Open Firefox.

2. Depending on your Operating System go to one of the following locations:

Windows: Tools -> Options
CodeSign-how do I Backup_1

Linux: Edit -> Options
Mac: Firefox -> Options

3. Navigate to Advanced -> Encryption and then click on View Certificates.
This opens up Firefox’s certificate manager.

4. Select the tab that says Personal or Your Certificates.
5. Highlight the certificate you would like to backup/export.
6. Click Backup All.

You should now be prompted to save the file.

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* Save location: Desktop
* File Name: Something descriptive of the file (this can be any name you want)
* File type: PKCS12 Files (*.p12)

7. Provide a password for your .p12 file.

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8. Click Save.

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9. This new file contains both your certificate and private key joined together as a PKCS#12 (PFX) file.

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Importing Certificate into Windows Certificate Store

  1. Double-click newly created .p12 file.
  2. Follow on screen instructions from this point forward.
  3. Exit Wizard

Your certificate can now be used by any program that makes use of the Windows Certificate store.

Examples: Internet Explorer, Outlook, signcode/signtool, and Google Chrome.

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