Codesign – ERROR 0x80090016

ERROR 0x80090016

From looking at the error there are two resolutions that can be recommended.

The first is on the error message that you are receiving;en-us;246183

The above threads from Microsoft explains the cause discusses what can possibly be done to resolve it . Once this has been followed and the modifications made then reapplying for the certificate should resolve the error .

The second method for resolving this is slightly simpler and more of a easer solution to the problem ( but is a temporary fix and will not resolve the problem in the long term)

This fix is to downloading and installing the FireFox web browser and using this to reapply for and collect certificate ( this will bypass and existing windows related errors ) and once this is installed into firefox you can then export this out to a pfx file and import this out to Internet Explorer where it will then be available for use by windows.

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